About Downtown East

Boundaries: The Mississippi River to the north; Portland Avenue South to the west; I-35W to the east and South Fifth Street to the south


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Lisa Goodman, Ward 7

Neighborhood organization: Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

Police: 1st Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan

Downtown East

Minor Changes to East River Road/Franklin Ave Intersection Proposed

It will be a timing issue.

The new Light Rail along Central Corridor, set to be finished in 2014, is not only going to change traffic on Washington Avenue.

Other busy traffic areas around the Twin Cities are preparing to handle displaced traffic from this project. One such area is the Franklin Avenue, East River Parkway and 27th Street Intersection.

Fantasies take wing at Central Library

But return them on time or pay a fine

State Senate races draw seven new candidates

A half-dozen DFLers line up to take Skoglund’s spot, and a Republican sets her sights on Pogemiller

With trains (or bus?) a-coming, Prospect Park plans

Decision on University Avenue transit due this year

When neighborhood meetings collide