About Cooper

Boundaries: 38th Avenue South to the west; the Mississippi River to the east; the railroad tracks near South 27th Street to the north; East 34th Street to the south


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Cam Gordon, Ward 2

Neighborhood organization: Longfellow Community Council

Police: 3rd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan


How did we vote? Bridgeland election results by precinct

Obama, Democrats roll in Bridge neighborhoods

Longfellow Community Council, Oct. 23 meeting:


Longfellow Community Council Sept. 18 board meeting

Frustration over city's NRP action; notice of street paving; board/committee communication discussed; General membership meeting Oct. 23


Longfellow Community Council board meeting, Aug. 20

'Framework for the Future' frustration; Vice Lords in Longfellow; LCC to 'sever current relationship' with Seward Redesign

Longfellow Community Council board meeting, July 17

Save NRP update; Hennepin County Community Works project; Center for Energy and Environment