About Longfellow

Boundaries: Hiawatha Avenue to the west; 38th Avenue South to the east; South 27th Street to the north and South 34th Street to the south


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Gary Schiff, Ward 9
Cam Gordon, Ward 2 (between 38th and 31st avenues, north of 28th Street)

Neighborhood organization: Longfellow Community Council

Police: 3rd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan


Irish Poodle gets the blues

McMahon’s Irish Pub remakes longtime East Lake watering hole


EPA announces expansion of South Minneapolis arsenic cleanup

Informational open houses will be held Nov. 13–15

Longfellow Community Council (LCC)

Oct. 18 board meeting

Ward Two newsletter

October 2007

Harvest recipes from the farmers’ market

Craftsman Chef Mike Phillips creates a meal from Midtown’s harvest offerings

Longfellow Community Council (LCC)

Sept. 20 board meeting

Brackett Rocket dedication is this Saturday, Oct. 6

Bring your memories of the rocket for scrapbook project

South Minneapolis contamination area now a superfund site

How does the aersenic removal issue break down?

Resource Center of the Americas closes its doors