About Longfellow

Boundaries: Hiawatha Avenue to the west; 38th Avenue South to the east; South 27th Street to the north and South 34th Street to the south


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Gary Schiff, Ward 9
Cam Gordon, Ward 2 (between 38th and 31st avenues, north of 28th Street)

Neighborhood organization: Longfellow Community Council

Police: 3rd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan


Too many cooks? Not on Lake Street

Longfellow restaurants share a food and wine experience

Closing down the ice rinks

Residents rally to keep skating at Matthews Park

Longfellow Community Council (LCC)

Jan. 17 board meeting

Ward 9 City Council Member Gary Schiff's e-newsletter

Block club turns sledding into a work of art, East Phillips withdraws biomass support, Minneapolis pledges to reduce domestic violence


Midtown Eco Energy public meeting is Thursday, Dec. 13

Public comment period on controversial biomass burner closes Jan. 14

Turn it down when you're not around

Programmable home thermostat offer for Seward and Longfellow residents ends Dec. 15

Longfellow Community Council (LCC)

November 15 board meeting

Department of Health pilot project would test children for arsenic

Proposal to be presented at Dec. 6 public meeting