About Longfellow

Boundaries: Hiawatha Avenue to the west; 38th Avenue South to the east; South 27th Street to the north and South 34th Street to the south


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Gary Schiff, Ward 9
Cam Gordon, Ward 2 (between 38th and 31st avenues, north of 28th Street)

Neighborhood organization: Longfellow Community Council

Police: 3rd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan



Longfellow Community Council Insider, March 2009

Historic Preservation; S. Minneapolis Housing Fair; Community Garden Resource Fair; Candidate Forum Recap; Legacy Letter Video Features River Gorge; Backyard Harvest

Longfellow Community Council, Feb. 19 board meeting

May fundraiser at Merlins Rest; home-greening workshops approved and funded; River Gorge Stewards 2009 project approved; Xcel substations opposition sparks board debate; LCC sponsors City Council candidates’ forums; LCC angered by city's public engagement, notification

City to survey historic properties in Seward, Longfellow

Learn more at public meeting on Feb. 3


Legislators’ town hall meetings, Saturday Jan. 10 and Tuesday, Jan. 13

TIME CHANGE for Saturday meeting: 12:30–2 p.m.

Resource Center of the Americas resurrects language classes, educational programs

Spanish classes start this week



Rash of armed robberies plagues Midtown Greenway, Hiawatha trail UPDATED 12-12

Bikers will 'Take Back the Greenway' with ride on Dec.13