About Cedar Riverside

Boundaries: I-35W to the west; Mississippi River to the east; I-94 to the south


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Cam Gordon, Ward 2

Neighborhood organization: West Bank Community Coalition

Police: 1st Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan



West Bank searches for safety solutions

Cedar-Riverside stakeholders commit action — and funding — to quell violence



Let us break art together

Artist collaborative sets up shop on West Bank

How did we vote? Bridgeland election results by precinct

Obama, Democrats roll in Bridge neighborhoods

KFAI celebrates 30 years, Nov. 8

African immigrant citizens challenge GOP challengers, celebrate election day in Minneapolis

Translator accused of telling voters how to vote

West Bank parties in the street after Obama victory

Minnesota Independent article, video capture late-night celebration

West Bank Community Coalition meeting, Oct. 15, 2008

Annual meeting Nov. 19; Safety education program; artists collaborative; NRP; office space for 2009; Seventh Street vacation?; apartments to replace Grandma's