About Prospect Park

Boundaries Southeast Oak Street to the west; Southeast Emerald Street (St. Paul border) to the east; Mississippi River to the south and railroad tracks to the north.


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Cam Gordon, Ward 2

Neighborhood organization: Prospect Park/East River Road Improvement Association

Police: 2nd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan

Prospect Park

Residents speak out on Grand Rounds

Environment and traffic were key concerns at recent public hearing

Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association, June 23 meeting

Granary Road update; Stance on Grand Rounds Missing Link; "Mini-dorms"; Stadium Village development; Heated discussion over by-law changes

Neighborhood crime summary, May 12– June 18

June 18 murder, robberies plague university-area neighborhoods


Bridgeland authors awarded, published

Churches say goodbye to minister, music director

Grand Rounds meetings, June 18, June 23, July 1

Public hearings to discuss decision on final route

Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association, 5/19 meeting

Rapson memorial; Yale Avenue duplex development; Fourth Street Task Force; PPUMC pastor deaprting