About Prospect Park

Boundaries Southeast Oak Street to the west; Southeast Emerald Street (St. Paul border) to the east; Mississippi River to the south and railroad tracks to the north.


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Cam Gordon, Ward 2

Neighborhood organization: Prospect Park/East River Road Improvement Association

Police: 2nd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan

Prospect Park


More stringent review for student housing?

Small developments raise big issues with city approvals proces

Student housing developments in the University District area

UPDATED FOR WEB: Dinkydome project passes City Council; Florence Court plan denied by HPC; PPERRIA likes Campus Crossroads plan


Lawmakers should address public safety instead of bike laws


Crime stats and summaries, June 17–July 21

Seward businesses burglarized; thieves target catalytic converters; crime stats by neighborhood