About Prospect Park

Boundaries Southeast Oak Street to the west; Southeast Emerald Street (St. Paul border) to the east; Mississippi River to the south and railroad tracks to the north.


Neighborhood description and demographic information

Council Member: Cam Gordon, Ward 2

Neighborhood organization: Prospect Park/East River Road Improvement Association

Police: 2nd Precinct

Neighborhood Policing Plan

Prospect Park


Joint ward meeting: game day at the new Gophers stadium, Wed., Feb. 18

Officials will discuss traffic, parking, tailgating and clean-up

Pratt students reflect on the inauguration of President Barack Obama

Question: How will President Obama change the country?

Redesign of Franklin/River Road intersection kicks off

Public meeting set for Feb. 19

Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association, Jan. 26 meeting

Treasurer position will open in April; Wi-Fi expected in Prospect Park by end of March; Luxton Book Exchange becomes formal committee

Prospect Park to develop ‘master plan’

Informal vision will help guide development, neighborhood in the future

Transformed Metro Petro reopens on University Avenue in Prospect Park

Space, staff, facilities expanded and improved at former Citgo station