What’s RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS makes it easy for you to keep up with new content as it’s posted on Bridgeland News. As new articles are published, their headlines will appear as a list, most recent articles first, in your RSS “feed”.

First you’ll need an RSS reader. Most browsers — like Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox — have a reader built in, but there are also many aggregators you can download or sign up for on the web. (You can find a pretty comprehensive list here). Sites like Google and Yahoo! Also have readers.

Every reader is a little different, but here are the basic steps. Select which RSS feeds you’d like to receive from Bridgeland News using the list below. Once you select the feed, instructions for subscribing will pop up (if you don’t have a stand alone reader, your browser’s instructions should come up.) Follow the instructions, and you’ll be subscribed. You’ll then start receiving new headline from us in your reader or browser.

It’s pretty simple — okay, ‘“really simple” — once you try it, but if you’d like more information, try these resources:

RSS reader in Internet Explorer 7
RSS reader in Safari
RSS reader (Live Bookmarks) in Firefox
More than you ever hoped to know about RSS

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