Focus on Bridgeland

Take a hike

Local authors share their favorite riverfront walk

Southeast Como residents Holly Day and Sherman Wicks hoofed it around the cities for their new book Walking Twin Cities, due out this month from Wilderness Press. It’s no surprise some of their favorite walks are right here in Bridgeland.

From delivery boy to editor

Chris Steller recollects his meteoric rise from delivering the Southeast newspaper to becoming editor of the Angle, Profile and Bridge. With his lifelong history in the neighborhood, Steller brought institutional knowledge and expertise to community news. He also visited a lot of porches.

South by Southeast — remembering the Angle, Profile and Bridge

When The Bridge newspaper came into being in 2005, it brought together the Seward Profile and Southeast Angle, connecting two areas of the city that were distinct yet had much in common. A reader, writer and board member share memories of all three papers.
Tomorrow: last installment — Former editor Chris Steller.

A board member looks back

Katie Fournier — Southeast Como resident, longtime Southeast Publications board member and former reporter — runs down the lineage of Southeast newspapers and the folks who made them possible.

Profile, Boogie and The Bridge

Former reporter Cindy Collins recalls how her coverage of the rich West Bank music scene for the Seward Profile and The Bridge became the award-nominated book, West Bank Boogie.

From community journalist to Council member

Former City Council member Paul Zerby recalls the headline issues that followed him to City Hall, as well as a constant connection from the past to the present.

Drop-ins and run-downs

In our third look back, former Seward Profile editors Todd Melby and sue rich recall keeping in contact — almost literally — with the community.

'Things do change'

In our second look back at 40 years of neighborhood news, Bridgeland News Publisher Becky Clawson reflects on change and how important it is to record and remember.

A look back at 40 years of neighborhood news

In this — the first of a week-long series, beginning Monday, of remembrances of The Bridge and its predecessor newspapers — Editor Jeremy Stratton tours the archives, speaks with former Southeast editor Ted Tucker and finds some constants in the changing landscape over the past 40 years. Monday: Publisher Becky Clawson

Koyi Sushi to Open on Franklin Avenue

For all you sushi lovers out there, Franklin Avenue is about to get a little more exciting.

This Tuesday, Dec. 1 marked the general opening of the new Koyi Sushi on the corner of Franklin and 21st Ave., in the building that formerly housed the Seward Co-op.