Clicquot Club Wins Coveted Golden Cup

Congratulations to the Clicquot Club in the Seward neighborhood for winning a a “Golden Cup” award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

According to the SCAA web site (, achieving “Golden Cup” status is no easy task. To be considered, a retailer must prepare its coffee “according to the SCAA’s preise brewing standards,” and it must submit a sample of both its water and its brewed coffee to the SCAA for laboratory analysis.

The SCAA judges then run a chemical analysis on each submission to determine the amount of minerals in the water and the ratio of water to coffee. Only samples that fall within the SCAA’s prescribed limits can be considered for the vaunted “Golden Cup.” (Presumably they also have to taste good.) Clicquot Club coffee met all the standards and came out a winner.

In addition to the Clicquot Club nod, here’s one more piece of advice from the SCAA: buy coffeehouse stock. According to a recent report, coffeehouses have more than doubled their U.S. sales in the last five years to an estimated $8.3 billion. In another five years, sales are expected to reach $18.8 billion. Might this be related to our corresponding decrease in sleep hours and increase in work hours? And doesn’t a Golden Cup of hot java sound good about now? (Yawn.)

The Clicquot Club, which also had a stellar review recently in the Star Tribune, is located at East 25th Street and 30th Avenue South, and their web site is at

last revised: June 2, 2006