Marcy resident Heacock charged with burglary

Daniel Harrison Heacock

Photo by submitted by MPD

Police requesting statements from residents

The Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) 2nd Precinct is asking area residents to submit community impact statements about Daniel Harrison Heacock, a Marcy resident with whom neighbors claim to have had problems with before.

Heacock, 38, was arrested on May 30 in Northeast Minneapolis and has been charged with 3rd-degree burglary for the alleged crime. A release from the MPD references another alleged burglary on May 9, 2008, on the 200 block of Southeast Eighth Street.

Heacock, who lives at 409 SE Seventh St., according to, has been charged four times previously in Hennepin County between 1989 and 2007, including for theft, lurking with intent, and simple robbery. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 25, according to the MPD.

According to the release:

On May 30, 2009 at the intersection of Hayes St. NE and Lowry Ave NE, Officers were dispatched to a burglary of dwelling in progress. Heacock was transported to Hennepin County Jail and booked for burglary and Hennepin County Warrant.

On May 9, 2008 at the 200 block of 8th St. SE, Daniel Harrison Heacock was observed entering a garage and removing loss. Incident was captured on video. Officers responded to a theft call. Heacock was recognized from video. Officers did a knock and talk and saw evidence from the thefts in plain view. Heacock was placed under arrest for burglary of dwelling and stolen property offenses. Heacock was transported to Hennepin County Jail and booked.

Last summer, a Marcy resident complained to The Bridge about Heacock’s behavior, claiming that Heacock stole property from local residents, including the theft of a toolbox out of a garage while the resident was bringing stuff down for recycling.

“I can’t even get out the door for five minutes … without locking the door and garage,” said the resident at the time.

The MPD is asking area residents who have either personally observed Heacock engaging in conduct — or who are experiencing similar problems with other people who are engaging in similar conduct — to consider writing a community impact statement describing that conduct and how it has impacted them and the neighborhood as a whole.

It is not the first time the precinct has asked for statements regarding Heacock’s behavior.

To write a community impact statement:

— State the name of the individual about whom you are writing a community impact statement

— Write how you have been impacted: financially, emotionally, physically, etc.

— State what you are hoping the court will do: send the person to jail, order treatment, require employment, restrict a person from a specific area, sentenced to service to do specific project, etc.

— Provide the following information: Your name and phone number

Statements are forwarded to the judge in the case in order to convey the impact such actions have on the community. You can email your statement to: at least three days prior to the court date.

If you have questions, contact 2nd Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist Carol Oosterhuis at 673-2874 or

last revised: June 19, 2009