South by Southeast — remembering the Angle, Profile and Bridge

The first issue of The Bridge newspaper

My most vivid memory of The Bridge (nee the Southeast Angle) was the day it showed up on the stoop with its first full-color photo on the front page. It suddenly looked like a real, grown-up paper. Which it had been, of course, but suddenly it had the looks to match its content.

— Darin Warling, Prospect Park resident and Southeast Publications board member

My warmest recollection is the neighborhood and university people I met and knew as a reporter and neighbor, as well as those writers, editors, staff, and publisher for The Bridge and the Southeast Angle. Now that I think about it, the paper itself was almost secondary. It was a way to share news and my love of the people and the neighborhoods. They are family.

— Bill Hoffmann, former Marcy-Holmes resident and longtime Bridge and Southeast Angle reporter

I have read the Seward Profile regularly and faithfully since it began publishing in 1969. For 40 years, it has contained essential news of the neighborhood. People who care for the well-being of this neighborhood must know what is “happening.”

Communication is vital for both the health and welfare of the community. To ensure effective and clear communication, I served, along with many other concerned residents, on the board.

I am sorry the neighborhood is losing “the printed word,” but I know that new and modern ways will be used to continue communicating ideas, stories and “happenings” to the Seward neighborhood.

Thank you, Dan Nordley, for your many years of service.

— Seward resident Dick Westby

last revised: June 17, 2009