What's the Inbox, anyway?

What’s The Inbox?

Glad you asked.

We knew when we decided to shut down the presses at The Bridge and move the news online to this website that some changes would need to be made. A new name to begin with: The Bridge online has become Bridgeland News.

And so we’ve been hard at work on the site, adding fresh content (check out our new columns like Bridgeland Buzz and news sections like City Beat and Schools, adding space for our advertisers, creating a weekly newsletter for subscribers and giving the front page a new look. We knew what we wanted, what we thought would add value, and we made as many improvements as we could manage in two short months.

But now we have a question: what do you want?

This site belongs to the community, and while we can make our best professional judgments about what news and info you want to see here, we’re also counting on you to help lead the way.

So, we’ll say it again: what do you want?

Want us to investigate something that’s happening in your neighborhood? Send us a news tip. Want to share photos of life in your community? Share them with us. Want to comment on an article, give us your feedback or share an idea about the site? Register as a subscriber, then log in and fire away.

Hence, The Inbox: fill ‘er up. On the home page and nearly every article page, you’ll see a box — get it? — with “Fill the Inbox” options: Send a news tip, contact the editor or publisher, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, even Donate (always helpful).

Tell us what you want from your community news website, and we’ll do our best to listen. As we move forward, The Inbox will share news about what we’ve heard from you, while highlighting some of the things we’re working on and thinking about here at Bridgeland News — and more specifics on how you can make this a two-way relationship.

And in turn, we’ll ask two things of you, if you’d be so kind: First, register and you will receive our weekly email newsletter; there’s a link at the top left corner of the site. And second, keep visiting the site. With new features and content updated daily, there’ll be a lot to discover in the weeks and months to come.

Join us.

— Becky Clawson is a Cooper resident and publisher of Minneapolis Bridgeland News

last revised: June 5, 2009