Crime alert: Southeast, Northeast see 25 home burglaries in past week

Prevention tips; block club training is May 27

The Second Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department has issued a crime alert because of the increase in burglaries in the precinct. Attached is a copy of a crime alert which you are asked to distribute to your neighbors. If you have a block club, now is a good time to activate it and update your block map. By having names and phone numbers of your neighbors, you can call them if you notice that they have left their garage open. The crime alert states:


From May 11-18, there have been 25 burglaries of dwelling in Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis. Burglars are frequently entering through unlocked doors and windows.

What you can do:

Because of these incidents, residents are asked to look out for each other and to call 911 if there is suspicious activity in the area. We will hold a block club training on May 27 at Monroe Village, 1900 Central Ave NE. If you do not have an organized block club, consider attending and learn how to work with neighbors to decrease the opportunity for crime on your block.

Also, you are reminded to review your home security and take steps to improve it:

Install exterior motion-detector lights that illuminate all potential points to your home and do not cause shadows.

Keep shrubs, bushes, and hedges trimmed to a height of 3’ or less.
Leave a radio on when you leave home. Use light timers, so your home looks occupied when you are not home.

Don’t open your door to anyone you don’t know.

Have mail and papers picked up, the lawn mowed, and walks shoveled when you are out of town.

Secure your basement windows with screws, a grille, or bars.

Secure other accessible windows with pins, keyed locks, or track fillers.

Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors. Use high-security strike plates with 3” screws. The locks should have a 1” bolt throw and case-hardened cylinder guard, with the tie screws on the inside.

Keep garage and home locked at all times—even when you are home or in the yard.

Lock your cars, even if you park them in a secure garage.

Call 911 if you see suspicious activity such as someone checking doors and windows on a neighbor’s home.

If you have any questions about home security, call Crime Prevention Specialist Carol M. Oosterhuis (612-673-2874). She can visit you and suggest ways to improve the safety of your home.

If you do have a block club, consider getting together for an evening. Reconnect; meet new neighbors on your block. An organized block is the best defense against crime.

last revised: May 19, 2009