Bike/Walk to Work Day, Thursday, May 14

Bridgeland businesses offer breakfast, happy hour deals for bikers and walkers

Twin Cities Bike/Walk to Work Day, part of a full week of bicycling and walking events this week, includes a number of celebrations — including free breakfasts, discounted Twins tickets, educational workshops, car-free commuter competitions and more.

Activities and participants in or near Bridgeland include free breakfast and/or coffee at the Birchwood Cafe, Bedlam Theatre, Trotters Cafe (on Marshall Avenue in St. Paul) and the Hub Bike Co-op, Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center/Green institute; and happy hour deals at Bedlam and Keegan’s Pub.

For more information about the May 14 and other events, visit Bike Walk Twin Cities is a federally-funded initiative administered by the organization Transit for Livable Communities.

Here is a rundown of some activities, via a press release:

Free Breakfasts. Bicycling and walking may not require fossil fuel, but it does require food fuel! Commuters can enjoy free continental breakfasts across the metro, simply by bicycling or walking to the breakfast location. For a full list of locations, please see:

Ride to the Twins Game, Get $5 Off On Your Ticket. If you bike to the Minnesota Twins game at noon on May 14th, you’ll receive $5 off your ticket and the ability to park in the free bike corral.

Bike Walk to Work/School Day. Bike Walk to Work Day will take place on Thursday, May 14 and will feature celebrations in the downtowns of Minneapolis (Hennepin Government Center Plaza), Saint Paul (Rice Park), Bloomington (REI) and Anoka County (two events open to the public, call 763-862-4260 for more information) thanking people who reach their jobs on foot or by bike. Commuters will also have the opportunity to join walking and bicycling “buses” departing from their neighborhoods.

Workplaces can compete to have the highest percentages of participating employees, and will be rewarded with fabulous trophies. First-time and regular bikers and walkers can join up online at to be eligible to win prizes, including bicycles, gear, jackets, and gift certificates. The Minneapolis and St. Paul gatherings will take place between 6:30 and 9:00 a.m., while the Bloomington celebration will occur after work starting at 5:00 p.m.

Bike/Walk to Worship. Bike/Walk to Worship Days will occur on May 10, 15, 16, and 17, wherein congregations across the Twin Cities will encourage their worship communities to walk or bike to worship.

Educational Clinics. During Bike Walk Week, Twin Cities communities will encourage people to use biking and walking to get to places in addition to their jobs. Early in the week, educational clinics run by community volunteers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington will offer tips on getting the right gear, materials and maps; route planning; multi-modal transportation; and many other topics involving biking and walking.

last revised: May 29, 2009