September 2007


'It felt like an earthquake'

More than a month after the I-35W bridge collapsed, neighborhoods on both sides of the river are still reeling from the disaster

Oak Street Cinema reopens with Bergman festival

Free screening, blockbuster preview also set for September

Caught in the chaos

Local man steps up, aids in rescue efforts mere minutes after disaster strikes

Ward Two Council Member Cam Gordon's newsletter — September

Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA)

September 4 board meeting

DeLaSalle Stadium plan encounters triumphs, snafus

City Council grants appeal, with conditions, of Planning Commission denials

Eye on U

September, 2007

High School reform on the horizon

Changes could reroute students entering high schools by next year

Raise a ruckus

Twelve hours of music and more at the Nomad World Pub — Saturday, Sept. 8

Resource Center of the Americas closes its doors

City, federal assistance possible for businesses impacted by I-35W bridge collapse

City assessment deadline is Thursday, Sept. 13

Glass from the American Swedish Institute — opens Sept. 14

Augsburg hosts inaugural exhibit at new Oren Gateway Center during seven-college art crawl

Eight days a week

A somewhat random sample of Bridgeland music venues on any — and every — given night

Seward Neighborhood Group in financial and organizational disarray

Staff laid off as extent of financial trouble surfaces

Marcy-Holmes offers historic preservation grants

Nicollet Island East Bank Neighborhood Association (NIEBNA)

Sept. 17 board meeting

Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA)

Sept. 18 meeting

Longfellow Community Council (LCC)

Sept. 20 board meeting

West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC)

Sept. 19 board meeting