In anticipation of the arrival of the emerald ash borer — which was discovered this spring, just across the St. Paul border — the Minnesota Department of Agriculture has hung traps for the emerald ash borer — like this one at Brackett Park — in hopes of reducing the amount of damage to the city’s trees. Click on image to link to story.

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Revenue shortage puts Bridgeland News on hiatus.

Website to stay up while attempts to regroup are made.

Ok, so it was a long shot to expect a miraculous response to moving our news publication from print to online only. We did get 1,000 folk to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter, but we could only attract $1,500 of advertising to cover a $6,000+ budget. Obviously, this is going to take a bit more time and work, or a new economy, or a new model. Unfortunately, there’s no money to buy that time right now and Bridgeland News is going to have to take a break and regroup. Call it a hiatus in order to determine if resources and interest can be found to have Bridgeland resurfaced. Or maybe even re-papered.

At the city border, ash borer threatens 20 percent of all of Minneapolis' trees

Park Board lacks a plan or money to address the ‘ticking time bomb’

City considering regulatory changes for University area

Overlay district could require more parking for smaller developments

Construction of ‘green’ Public Works facility under way

Building will be the “most efficient” the city operates


  • U-area regulatory review

  • ‘Nothing New’ at Textile Center; Somali photo reception; ‘Boys and Toys’; diaspora readings

  • South alumni reprise “Earnest’; Kushner continues; Showboat Moliere

  • Pop Wagner benefit this Friday; Cedar’s free patio concerts; music venues listings

Koyi Sushi to Open on Franklin Avenue

For all you sushi lovers out there, Franklin Avenue is about to get a little more exciting.

This Tuesday, Dec. 1 marked the general opening of the new Koyi Sushi on the corner of Franklin and 21st Ave., in the building that formerly housed the Seward Co-op.

Paving a two-way street

Who puts the “2” in 2.0? You do. Bridgeland News Publisher Becky Clawson writes about the two-way street of online news — and how you can help pave the way and increase the traffic.

Rayvic Co. closed its doors in May 2008 after 76 years in business. A year later, Clockwork Active Media Systems had transformed the former service garage into its new headquarters — with many a nod to the past. Click on image to link to story.


July 1, 2009

Help out Pop Wagner; Bike film fest rolls into town; Take Up’s Trylon opens with Buster

Get grilling — vegan recipes for summer

It’s summertime — time to grill! Seward’s own Meagan “Rhymes with Vegan” Holtgrewe shares a couple of vegetarian grilling recipes — just two of the mouthwatering recipes from her food blog.

Spill the Wine

Wine deals abound on weekdays; Mondays are even better.